Silcare the brand and quality

  The brand is the certificate of good choice. The brand is the synonym of good opinion – the sign of producer.
A good brand has its price and is treated as a kind of certificate. The brand is also a symbol of status and belonging to a social group. Today's world is focused on the development in every area. Also we are constantly trying to explore new opportunities to produce better, more perfect products. We constantly expand our scientific staff and enrich our machines. Quality translates into confidence of our clients. Thanks to it many partners trust us.
Our products are sold in the European Union and in the farthest corners of the globe. We get to England, Germany, France, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine and also as far away as Brazil.

 We focus mainly on quality - for several years we have been refining our formulas – going a step further – by depriving them of typical defects of our competition. We put special emphasis on customer satisfaction
and excellent production of cosmetic in every way. We strictly control every stage of production – from the purchase
of components, selection of technologies and equipment - through designing and choice of wrapper.

We carry out regular inspections of the production, supplies and confection department.

We cooperate with the world's largest chemical market leaders: BASF, CIBA, UNIVAR.

Among our machines we have agitators for the production of emulsions O/W – W/O as well as vacuum disolvers. Thanks to these modern machines we are able to produce high quality emulsions and dispersions, improving them constantly.

We invite you to co-operation with our company

 Using Silcare materials and trademarks

1. Terms of use of materials.

Silcare company consents to the use of all promotional and advertising materials contained on its websites.
The condition to use materials, which copyrights are owned by Silcare, is a citation (eg texts), visibility (eg graphics) in its original form with a clear indication: "Source:" - concerns texts.

The content and graphic materials branded with Silcare are subject to the protection provided by the Polish and international law, including in particular the provisions on copyright and related rights and on combating unfair competition. Therefore, any attempt to change the content, the graphic form has to be previously consulted with the company Silcare.

2. Trademarks. Definition of symbols.

Symbol ®

It's shortcut of the word „registered” . This sign is reserveted  for registered marks in The Patent Office. As a part of the registration is achieved additional right of protection for a trademark.
If your company logo is registered in the Patent Office, you can use the stamp ® with your logo. Otherwise, you take liability for misrepresentation under the provisions on combating unfair competition and industrial property rights.

Symbol ©

It's shortcut of the word „copyright”. This sign defines right reserved for author for creation of work. Works (verbal, photographic, graphic contents), which were introduced by the company has the status of property of the company and can not be used and copied for own purposes without this company permission.