About Silcare

Silcare was established in 2005 because of fascination with nail styling. From the beginning our vision was to create professional, high-quality cosmetics in affordable prices for the mass of stylists. We knew that we wanted to create our own formulas and solutions to avoid duplication of schemes available on the market. For many years we've been investing in the development of the production and confection line and specialized staff. Today we proudly present eight lines of cosmetics, each of them containing the highest quality materials for nail styling, pedicure and hairdressing.

 Assortment offered by us is expanding practically every day. Products not found with us today - you will find tomorrow...

  We offer our customers a range of opportunities for cooperation and a wide range of services:

  • sale of cosmetics with Silcare logo,
  • cooperation in the creation of the company by entering into Silcare®Shop franchise program,
  • private labeling - cooperation to create its own brand: from logo design through wrapper selection up to the confection and label printing,
  • pad- and screen-printing service - the method of label printing directly on wrappers, files, blocks, promotional bags on demand,
  • the sale of preparations in bulk wrappers.